Dance Competitions, How Unfair!

Too many people leave competition events angry or unhappy. Some refuse to participate in them, because they feel they are ‘unfair’ or ‘bias.’ Without understanding, most people cannot accept what they don’t like. This is why so many people don’t like competitions. So, I have been itching for some time now, to publish this article…


Salsa Chocolate…It’s christmas every Thursday


Firstly, I’m grateful to still have the opportunity to have such a great venue to continue to grow at. ┬áIt’s one of the goals, to inspire businesses to see us as a positive influence in the community. An influence in the community that is realized and felt by so many… And to have those businesses give us their support as we give unto theirs.

Secondly, I’d like to develop and encourage the local talent to evolve, and to have Salsa Chocolate become the catalyst for that evolution. I would like to groom our audiences to adopt the Salsa Chocolate culture, and to support the talent that we grow.

Lastly, (i do everything in three’s) (thanks to John Narvaez) I would like to further the quality of service at the club by the following: have our talent meet-and-greet with the patrons, build a better marketing presence through web and power partnering, and to distance ourselves from everything through quality lighting and ambiance.

I look forward to seeing the fruition that 2013 will bring. We are going 7 years strong, and I know that I will work harder than before to see this blossom.