Free Salsa Thursdays Group Classes provide instruction as part of a larger group and these classes typically ensure partner-rotation and frequent dance-step reviews. Group Classes are a beginning level, and also include other dances like, bachata, merengue, cha cha and more depending on the class. These classes are free with cover on Salsa Chocolate Thursdays.

Group Lessons are for you if you enjoy a more intensive program and a goal-oriented training group, our In-Training company is perfect for you. As part of our In-Training Company, you are part of a team deeply committed to the dancing development of yourself, and your peers, to master salsa. You will have new material with every class and every student will be responsible to ensure group momentum. Additionally you will have exclusive online access to learning materials, such as class videos, tips, dance syllabus, and more…

Private Lessons are the most effective way for you to get complete individual attention. You can control the pace of the dance material and the frequency of the classes. If you have a date, a performance, or just want to feel confident on the dance floor, personal lessons will be tailored to achieve your goal.

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